I Just Moved to Peoria

I had been tired of the place where I was living for some time, but it was really cheap because it was me and three other guys splitting the rent on a big old house in the country. In fact it was ridiculously cheap and I have been saving up a lot of money because of it. However I was in need of an apartment nearer to work. At any rate I looked around and found what I wanted, but when I went to move I nearly had to go see a Peoria chiropractors. I suppose that I could blame the girls, there were three of them and each one was better looking than the other. They were on their way to the pool and the guy who was helping me was really interested in them. I was also, being that sort of guys, however we were trying to carry a sleeper sofa up the third flight of stairs at the time.

At any rate one of these girls said hello in the sort of way they do when they are teasing you. That guy lost his grip for a moment and the entire weight of that thing came down on me. He grabbed it again before I went to the bottom of the stairs and I told him that we needed to get to the top quickly. I wanted to scream and I might have if those girls had not been there. However I went and began to alternate heat and ice on my back. So far it has been effective. Luckily for me we had been almost done. That sleeper sofa was far and away the heaviest thing we had to move and thus we had decided to leave it until all of the rest was already moved into the apartment.